SurveyBot is a San Francisco tech start up that briefed us to help build a brand around a game-changing new app. The brief was to create the logo, branding, website design and app for an innovative personal moving app and assistant. The app virtually captures and estimates your relocation needs using unique video technology software. The team at SurveyBot wanted their branding to feel fun, accessible and digital-relevant.




San Francisco


DeliverablesBranding - Web Design - App Design
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The brand needed to live seamlessly online, so we adopted a digital-friendly visual language when putting together the logo. We kept the design clean, modern and minimal and created a mark that resembles an assistant or ‘bot’. Pixel details in the logo keep it fresh and witty. The logo was adapted to create a flexible system for use across SurveyBot’s website. For example, when a user lands on a 404 error page, the ‘bot’ turns into a sad emoji.



Because SurveyBot offers a fully digital experience, the website needed to feel clean, simple and easy to navigate. We focused on creating a sense of white space and using short, simple copy. We incorporated simple icons to guide the user throughout the site. The website was built to include customer reviews, a blog and a back-end dashboard.

Dropdown Features Page

Blog Pages


We built a digital dashboard that enables users to keep their moving data in once place and refer back to it at any time. The dashboard needed to feel straight forward and user-friendly.

Listing Site

To help drive traffic to their site, we built a unique moving listing website for all moving companies to be listed. On each company listing, we wanted to create enough information so the user would not need to leave the page for more info. We incorporated business hours, descriptions, locations, buttons to schedule video surveys and contact sections.

App Screens

We adapted the website look and feel to create a slick, user-friendly app experience. Using simple iconography and white space, we created a modern, minimalist feel.

Video Interface